Omnigo is committed to helping you create a safer learning environment. 

When incidents occur—any type of incident—Omnigo tracks all the details quickly through an easy-to-use reporting interface. The reports not only ensure that detailed records of incidents exist, they’re also organized in a searchable database. Built-in analysis features make it easy to analyze data collected in reports to identify patterns and trends, helping you work to prevent incidents rather than just respond to them. 

Omnigo Software is designed to cut down on a campus safety officer’s time spent writing incidents so they can spend more time on campus where they make a difference. The campus safety software utilizes innovative analytical technology to keep your campus safety department informed like never before.




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Clery Investigations

...… helps institutions of higher education track and compile all Clery incidents that must be included in Annual Security Reports, Public Crime Logs and Annual Fire Safety Reports.

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Mass Notification

...… delivers high-speed voice calls, emails, text messages, TTD notifications and social media alerts to targeted groups.

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Omnigo Community

...… is a campus safety awareness app that provides an easy, anonymous way for students and staff to communicate with your campus safety department.