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Safer Tomorrows

Public Safety, incident and security management software for law enforcement, education, healthcare and other enterprises

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NIBRS Compliance is Coming:
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Empowering Your Students:
A Crucial Campus Safety Resource

Identify Ways On How You Can Empower Your Students For A Safer Campus

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Created by law enforcement professionals, Omnigo Software incorporates a clean, intuitive user interface.

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Omnigo applications are fully configurable so they can be adapted to meet the specific needs of your organization.

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Omnigo Software displays data in real-time, while keeping stakeholders up-to-date with built-in alerting features.

Omnigo Features


Reporting Tools

Create, maintain, compile, track and search databases of incident reports with Omnigo’s easy-to-use reporting tools.

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Operational Tools

Whether it is a equipment, an event or even an employee schedule, our operational tools make organizing, tracking and monitoring a breeze.

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Analysis Tools

Our analysis tools make it easy to access statistics, and conduct audits on reports, users, dispatchers, communication and data usage.

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Omnigo Community

Omnigo Community is a campus safety awareness app that provides an easy, anonymous way for students and staff to communicate with your campus safety department.

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Omnigo Dispatch

Our computer aided dispatch program was designed to improve your organization’s performance and track important details.

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Not near a computer? Not a problem. Our mobile app allows you to accomplish tasks from the field using your phone or a tablet. 

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Law Enforcement Platform

We offer full-service software solutions for the public safety industry that are built around core functionality using industry-leading technology: Microsoft’s .NET Framework and SQL Server. 

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