Health Care

With violence in hospitals on the rise in recent years, your security team must be more prepared, organized, and alert than ever. With Omnigo, you can be.

Omnigo is a comprehensive incident management software suite for healthcare facilities. When incidents occur—any type of incident—Omnigo tracks all the details quickly through an easy-to-use reporting interface. The reports not only ensure that detailed records of incidents exist, they’re also organized in a searchable database. Built-in analysis features make it easy to analyze the data collected in reports to identify patterns and trends, helping you work smarter to actually prevent incidents rather than just respond to them.

More than 400 hospitals and health systems use Omnigo as an unobtrusive, foundational element of preventative security. Analyzing incidents for patterns helps identify risk factors and warning signs to help prevent incidents while ensuring that legal reporting obligations are fulfilled.



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Workplace Violence

...… assists with documenting and tracking workplace violence incidents, and preventing recurrence.

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Risk Management

...… records employee injuries and documents the actions taken to prevent recurrence.

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Visitor Tracking

...… provides a reliable record of who is present at a facility, their history, purpose for the visit, check-in and check-out times, and more. Integration with the ScanShell 800R and 1000B Driver’s License/Passport Scanners from Card Scanning Solutions enters visitor data into the database effortlessly.

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Mobile Patrol

...... provides dispatch and related information to mobile computer-equipped patrol units. Utilizing commercial wireless services, Omnigo's Mobile Patrol communicates securely to provide a mobile office for officers in the field.

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Emergency Response

...… assists with the complete documentation of actions taken in the wake of an emergency, ensuring nothing is forgotten in the event of a future chaotic situation.

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BOLO or Be on the Look Out

...… allows users to share critical information. This module is perfect for posting descriptions of suspicious individuals, activities, vehicles, trespassers and more. BOLOs are displayed on user dashboards for maximum visibility.