Incident Management

Incident Reporting and Risk Management Solution 

Omnigo iTrak provides a fully integrated end-to-end Incident Reporting and Risk Management solution, ensuring compliance against a wide range of requirements including CLERY, Occupational Health and Safety and other industry specific regulatory bodies and government agencies.

Additional details are available in our iTrak Incident Reporting and Risk Management Product Overview.

iTrak helps businesses consolidate and simplify physical security reporting, aiding in tracking, analyzing and investigating events consistently across security and surveillance operations. The robust reporting and business intelligence modules track, extract and identify key data intelligence to drive strategic and tactical business decisions.

iTrak modules include:

Home Page
Provides snapshot access to iTrak platform modules; has the bulk of active information for tracking incidents, generating reports and other daily information.
Daily Log
Allows users to add, review, edit and enter daily log entries into iTrak.
Incident File
Provides access to the comprehensive reporting functions within iTrak.
Briefing Log
Gives access to briefing log entries within iTrak, including the ability to call meetings, follow-up occurrence reports and generally communicate with individuals in iTrak.
Provides access to information on those who have trespassed on or been ejected from a property, or who are on file.
Provides access to comprehensive employee functions such as work history, training, qualifications and attendance.
Provides access to general iTrak contacts involved in reporting.
Provides information on related vehicles
(e.g. company and patron), along with make, model and owner details.
Provides access to detailed reporting and statistics for all areas within the iTrak platform.
Lists all integrated alerts from within iTrak (e.g. overdue visits and dispatches) and from outside integrations (e.g. player systems).
Allows configuration of automated notifications (e.g. alerts and emails)
to selected users/groups based on
pre-configured events or activities.
Provides access to complete administration of the iTrak platform including users, properties, authorities, drop downs, licensing and configuration.

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