Law Enforcement

Created by law enforcement for law enforcement.

Omnigo Software was created by law enforcement officers for law enforcement officers in order to combat the inefficient reporting processes that kept officers tied up with paperwork. Our law enforcement software streamlines departmental processes and reduces the time it takes to create and process reports.  With years of customer feedback and development, Omnigo is now one of the most complete, user-friendly applications available.




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Enterprise Framework

...… these ancillary options include asset fleet, civil process, policy manual, license and registration, firearms permits, personnel, and mapping.

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Records Management

...… speeds up the collection, reporting, approval and dissemination of criminal activity and incident reports. 

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Computer Aided Dispatch

...… provides the speed, functionality and ease-of-use needed for dispatch centers of any size.

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Jail Management

...… provides full detention management capabilities for municipal and county jails of any size. Integrating seamlessly with other modules it provides both inmate and facility management in one simple-to-use package.

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Reporting Interfaces

...… offers a variety of software interfaces to many public safety hardware and software systems, including state NCIC reporting interfaces, livescan fingerprinting, E-911, victim notification systems, uniform crime reporting (UCR), and incident based reporting (NIBRS).

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Mobile Patrol

...... provides dispatch and related information to mobile computer-equipped patrol units. Utilizing commercial wireless services, Omnigo's Mobile Patrol communicates securely to provide a mobile office for officers in the field.

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Emergency Response

...… assists with the complete documentation of actions taken in the wake of an emergency, ensuring nothing is forgotten in the event of a future chaotic situation.

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BOLO or Be on the Look Out

...… allows users to share critical information. This module is perfect for posting descriptions of suspicious individuals, activities, vehicles, trespassers and more. BOLOs are displayed on user dashboards for maximum visibility.

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Arrest & Booking

...… streamlines data entry during the arrest and booking process. This module tracks arrest charges, intake information, jail logs, probable cause, property taken into custody, and warrant information.