Incident Management

Incident and Records Management for Security and Law Enforcement

Prepare your organization against the sophistication of today’s threats with incident management software that is equipped to automatically track, report and analyze data to prevent incidents from occurring.

Omnigo's incident and records management software enables your team to track, report, and analyze data trends so they can improve prevention and response at your organization. And through Omnigo's fully integrated end-to-end Incident Reporting and Risk Management solution, compliance is met against a wide range of requirements including CLERY, Occupational Health and Safety and other industry specific regulatory bodies and government agencies.


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Learn How To Manage Your Security Operations Smarter With Modern Incident Management Software.



Omnigo helps businesses consolidate and simplify physical security reporting, aiding in tracking, analyzing and investigating events consistently across security and surveillance operations. The robust reporting and business intelligence modules track, extract and identify key data intelligence to drive strategic and tactical business decisions.

The benefits of Omnigo's Incident Management Software includes: 

Maintaining Visibility in the Field

Streamlined data collection, reporting, and analysis allows your security team to spend more time in the field, where they are needed, and less time writing reports.

Making Prevention a Priority

Prevention is critical but can be difficult using outdated or ineffective technology. Omnigo's data-driven reporting system provides easy access to incident data and analysis tools that can help in developing preventative measures.

Gaining Insight and Take Preventative Action

Built-in data analysis tools provide deeper insight into incident trends, enabling your team to take a more strategic approach to prevention.

Responding Quickly and Effectively

When an incident occurs, response needs to be as swift as possible. Omnigo's comprehensive, integrated solution improves your ability to respond quickly while ensuring valuable security intelligence is not lost.

Keeping Your Organization Running Smoothly

Omnigo's centralized platform provides a comprehensive view of data across your organization to streamline budget analysis, background investigations, personnel scheduling and training, and advanced reporting.


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